Centre Against Abuse provides assistance to increase the safety of our clients utilizing the laws of Bermuda. We provide our clients with guidance and direction for them to make the best decisions for themselves.
  • Domestic Violence Protection Orders (DVPO)
  • Summary Offence Letters
  • Support clients through the police and court processes

Did You Know?

CAA is the only organisation in Bermuda providing services to victims of domestic abuse and sexual assault

  • A domestic abuse murder in 1878 was the catalyst for the establishment of the Bermuda Police Force in 1879
  • Prior to gang violence, domestic abuse killings were the number one cause of murders in Bermuda
  • Over the past 40 years approximately 35 people have been killed in domestic abuse related incidences in Bermuda
  • Approximately 7000 women are affected by domestic abuse annually in Bermuda
  • Sexual assault in Bermuda has no statutes of limitation for making a criminal complaint
  • Sexual assault happens most often in intimate partner abuse relationships
  • Centre Against Abuse assists 150 clients on average annually