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Abuse Definitions

DOMESTIC ABUSE is the pattern of unwanted behaviour(s) used to gain and maintain power and control by one person over a current or former intimate partner. Domestic abuse takes many forms which can include:

PHYSICAL ABUSE is any intentional unwanted contact with the victim’s body by either the abuser or an object within the abusers control. Physical abuse does not have to leave a mark or bruise. It does not even have to hurt.
- Kicking, punching, hitting, shaking, restraining, cutting, burning, knifing, shooting
- Choking, smothering, force feeding, spitting, biting, throwing objects to harm, urinating on, pulling hair or clothing
SEXUAL ABUSE is any sexual behaviour that is unwanted contact and or interferes with the victim’s right to say “no” to sexual advances.
- Forcing sex, being hounded to have sex, administering drugs or alcohol to obtain sex
- Unwanted contact with private parts, knowingly transmit sexual diseases
- Degrading body parts, insisting on checking body for sexual contact, being rough during sex, displaying pornography, forcing sex with others or animals
VERBAL ABUSE is when words are used to attack, control, manipulate and or inflict harm on another person.
- Name calling, degrading remarks, starting arguments,
- Threats, yelling, intimidation, minimising your work or contribution
- Lying, double standards, telling jokes that belittle or indicate hatred
EMOTIONAL / PSYCHOLOGICAL ABUSE is a pattern of behaviours that are designed to control and undermine the emotional well being and sense of worth of another person
- Not coming home, having affairs, silence, refusing to deal with issues
- Taking advantage of a fear, inappropriate expressions of jealousy
- Making the other person feel guilty, manipulation, never forgiving, holding on to grudges, deliberately withholding affection, not sharing on household chores
- Removing responsibility, deliberately creating a mess for partner to clean, demanding all your attention, threatening suicide
SOCIAL ABUSE is when an individual is isolated from friends or family or the coercion of an individual in a public setting
- Using social media to bully, harass, or intimidate
- Controlling who you see, speak with, where you go, what you read, stalking
- Making a scene, put downs or ignoring in public; pressuring or tricking you into alcohol or drug use
- Not allowing access to family or friends; censoring mail, calls, electronic devices
- Change of personality with others, initiating false charges, buying the children with expensive gifts, denying access to the children, pumping children for information
SPIRITUAL ABUSE is when a person is denied the right to pursue spiritual activities; their spiritual beliefs are denigrated and when other forms of abuse are justified as acts supported by religious beliefs.
- Using religion to justify abuse or dominance, preventing another from attending church
- Mocking beliefs, demanding forgiveness, excessive spending for religion
FINANCIAL ABUSE is when an individual uses finances to control another.
- Taking money, sabotaging employment, withholding money, spending money beyond means
- Keeping finances a secret, pressuring or controlling work conditions, having to account for every penny, demanding pay checks, forcing you to beg or commit crimes for money