Our Mission

To provide crisis support services to male and female adult victims of domestic abuse and sexual assault; and to educate the community by providing building blocks for healthy relationships.

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About Centre Against Abuse
Centre Against Abuse became a registered charity June 11, 1979, charity #146, under the name the Physical Abuse Centre. The services at that time included the first hot line, counselling, and safe housing dedicated specifically to victims of abuse on island.
January 2010 the name officially changed to the Centre Against Abuse. Today we provide services for male and female adult survivors of domestic abuse and sexual assault.

Our Theory of Change

If we provide:
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Awareness
  • Domestic abuse and sexual assault will decrease
  • Stigma about sexual assault survivors will change to be supportive of the survivor
  • Domestic abuse will be identified earlier and the survivor will leave sooner
  • Healthy relationships will flourish

Our Vision

Our vision is to eradicate domestic abuse and sexual assault in Bermuda, and eliminate the need for our services.