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Centre Against Abuse said they support the proposed Bill relating to supervision of sex offenders, but have requested it include a provision for victims to be notified via the same channel that the Minister is, as “often victims learn about the release of their sex offender after they have been released.”

A spokesperson said, “Centre Against Abuse [CAA] supports the proposed Bill to allow supervision of sex offenders.

“CAA is pleased that the Minister of Legal Affairs will be provided with a two month notice of the release of any sex offender. However, CAA would request that the Bill include a provision for the notification of victims of any appeals, probations or parole hearings, or conditions of release, or release of the sex offender, via the same channel that the Minister is notified. Early notification of a victim can assist them with establishing a plan on how they can proceed with their life.

“CAA believes this inclusion in the Bill allows victims to exercise their rights to seek services and professional resources to assist them as needed.

“Often victims learn about the release of their sex offender after they have been released through family, friends, media, or even through the misfortune of bumping into them.

“We have found that victims need the time and opportunity to process the pending release of their abuser. Early notification can reduce a victims’ trauma, and also gives them time to establish their safety plan.

“As a stakeholder, CAA provide services for survivors of domestic abuse and sexual assault, and that includes providing a voice for changes in legislation which affect victims and survivors.

“CAA looks forward to working with the AG’s Chambers for any future amendments to legislation on domestic abuse or sexual assault, to ensure that the voice of the victim is represented.”

The Criminal Code [Sex Offender Management] Amendment Act 2018 full bill is available for download [PDF here]

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Saturday, 30th April 2016, start at 6:30pm
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